Have you ever listened to Lee Joon sing “Feeling Sad”?

And I mean really listen. The way he sings every note, word, and along with how he conveys his emotions. If people REALLY listened, then… how can they still say Joon has horrible vocals? 

A true artist isn’t just about all those fancy trills, high notes, and whatnot.

It’s about being able to make others feel the music. The way the song is supposed to be heard.

And I think Joon does an excellent job.

I can honestly say that the first time I heard Joon’s version, my heart sank. The pain in his voice, it’s so heartbreaking.

So how about you try listening to this song, with your eyes closed.

And listen to the way he sings each note, carefully. EVERY NOTE.

Even better, if you have HQ earphones/headphones and if it’s quiet enough, you can hear Joon breathing and catching his breathe, as if he’s right there, in the same room as you.

I have and yes, he does an excellent job delivering the feelings of the song. You can really feel the pain in his voice and till this day I still refer to this song to tell people how underrated his vocals are. This song has accompanied me when I’ve cried my heart out alone in my room and has sooth me to sleep because as the words above these say, I feel like Joon has been right there to sooth and comfort me. To some people it might just be the ost to a drama but to me it has been so much more than that. 

"with one glance of mine, girls fall at my feet"

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